Unprecedented Electric Repowering

Manchester Street Power Station, 
Providence, Rhode Island

The Manchester Street Power Station originally built 1903 as a oil fired power generation plant with less than 40 MW total output. In the 1990's it was converted to a natural gas-fired plant utilizing a portion of the original plant and with innovative engineering, architecture and project deliver, it was expanded with a 10-fold increase in power to over 500 MW with less emissions. 

We brought together a diverse staff of developers, engineers and operators, as well as political leaders and many others to convert the highly inefficient plant. Innovation was utilized throughout the entire process, staffed at every stage with the optimum of qualifications, experience and drive to successes.

The team converted the plant into a low-emission, aesthetically-pleasing facility that provides zero line losses to the transmission grid, in part while a massive storm surge was occurring directly outside the building