Record of Success  

Excellence in Smart Grid Staffing

Merwin Group was initially engaged to assist in staffing selected positions in the newly formed Smart Grid Center of Excellence. The Center and Smart Grid focus is to provide a linkage of core products and services in Electric Utility-grade Substations, Automation, Protection, Communications, Transformers coupled with the extensive advancements in all segments improving the interconnection reliability, availability and economies of power transmission and distribution 



ABB, which operates in about 100 countries and employs about 117,000 people, is the market leader in power and automation technologies that enables utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The company is in the forefront of the move to develop smart grid solutions to improve the management of electricity supplies 

Smart grids are necessary to integrate renewable energy into the power supply system and improve the system's energy efficiency. Since the use of renewable power is expected to rise to as much as 30 percent in the next decade, ABB needed to bolster its work force with seasoned professionals who could help them capitalize on this growing market. 



Because the Merwin Group specializes in search and recruitment for the smart grid sector, the scope of its capabilities covers the entire grid from initial transmission throughout the process, including equipment, hardware, software, systems and storage.

Working closely with ABB senior management and its human resources department, a comprehensive hiring plan was mutually agreed upon. Drawing upon its knowledge of the industry and its key players, the Merwin team developed profiles, determined viable candidate sources, and created a timeline to meet the ABB’s requirements. 


Working with the Merwin Group, ABB was able to quickly add the qualified people they needed across a range of disciplines from business development and sales to design and architecture. Time to market is so essential and we supported the short lead times with multiple placements in Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Design, Engineering and Projects with extremely tight deadlines. 


ABB is confident that it can retain its market leadership position with the addition of some of the most accomplished and highly regarded professionals in the smart grid arena. Its clients recognize that their needs will be met because of the quality of the people who are delivering their smart grid solutions. These achievements have evolved into additional searches and placements in recent supplemental staffing being conducted for additional expansions.

ABB Position Placments 

Business Development, Distribution Automation

Communication Systems Engineers

 Director, Business Development Substation Automation Systems

Project Engineers, Control and Protection

Project Managers, Substations

Substation Automation Proposal Engineers

Substation Automation Systems, Program Manager

Substation Engineers, Electrical & Mechanical

Substation Project Lead Engineers

VP Sales and Marketing