Transmission, Distribution & Generation

 Project Team Recruiting & Fulfillment New York City - Brooklyn Navy Yard 

We recruited local power development capabilities, national independent power producer experience and additional expertise as required in guiding a strategically formed team with the experience to execute design, contracting, negotiations, governmental relationships, permitting, supplier management, construction, commissioning, operation and utility management.

We conceived and successfully delivered the Project is Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City. The new cogeneration facility built within the original power plant is a 10-fold capacity increase now generating 1.5 Million pounds an hour steam and excess of 300 MW electricity. The extensive electric and steam transmission and distribution infrastructure distributes the power directly to New York City.   

Because of its prime location within the city of New York, the plant contributes extensive electric load balancing on a highly critical and essential electric transmission and distribution grid. This is a key component in not only the power but reducing excessive loads from outlining areas. 

The project enabled ConED to shut down a higly polluting steam generation plant along with eliminating another major industrial pollutant.

Even though it was directly impacted by Hurricane Sandy’s storm surge, its steam and electric production contributed to keeping the lights on for a portion of New York City.